There is an enigmatic and mystifying place that every person that's ever lived has visited, and does so with an obscure regularity that we take for granted as conscious beings. The realm of our dreams is one with which we are all familiar, where elucidation occurs as we are suddenly granted access to our innermost thoughts, and where reality seems as distant from us as answers to our most difficult problems are during our day to day. These answers lay in our subconscious, and these inherent truths are granted to us only through the effort of not overlooking this ethereal place we all observe. "Parallels" is a series of slides that explores this sensation of confusing dreams with reality, and the altered reflection it shows us into ourselves.

Nature plays its vital role in this, as a messenger between humans and veracity. From its magical and consummate place embedded in our souls, through the boxes in which society stores us away and labels accordingly, and on to the grey areas – the magic – that is where humanity dwells, in the wealth of things beyond our understanding. There are indisputable truths in the reflections on a glassy body of water and harsh sun light shining through a leaf, veins exposed and vulnerable. These are experiences or occurrences that escape the logic of empirical materialism and our subconsciouses have carried these truths through generations, passing the symbols along to us a parallel realm of ethereal narrative.

When we confuse our dreams with actuality, there is a reason for it. These reasons are for you to determine by allowing yourself to become acquainted with the unknown that we've been granted. "Parallels" reflects my time spent in this other place.